Ice Wave

Decorative interior element was a selfmade ‚Äčto order. It serves as a purpose-designed TV stand. Increased left side allows you to store a bulky amplifier. The lower right part provides space for the the remaining electronics, small library and decorative accessories according to your fantasies and wishes. The construction element is made ‚Äčof steel and it ensures load capacity 250 kg and an overall excellent rigidity. In case of a larger company, table can serve as a temporary bench for up to three people. Ceramic high-gloss varnish is resistant to damage and adds icy monolithic appearance.

tv pedestal 4 blaton
tv pedestal 3 blaton
tv pedestal 2 blaton
tv pedestal 5 blaton
tv pedestal underconstruction 3 blaton
tv pedestal underconstruction 2 blaton
tv pedestal underconstruction 1 blaton
tv pedestal 1 blaton